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FIRST APPROACH Covered area Data sources

First option: Set viewpoint and panorama in the map

Second option: Select viewpoint from a list
Name of the summit     begins with     contains   (* as wildcard)
View direction    N    NE    E    SE    S    SW    W    NW    360° 

Third option: Set viewpoint data directly
Latitude (°):
Longitude (°):
Altitude (m):
Camera height (m):
Look for summit point automatically
dummy Set panorama data directly
View direction (°):
Left edge (°):
Zoom factor:
or Resolution (pix/deg):
Horizontal extension (°):
Right edge (°):
Tilt (°):
Optimize part by part (for e-mail only)
Range of sight (km):
Elev. exaggeration:
Colored display:

Generate panorama: Recently requested panoramas
Panorama title:

E-mail address (for e-mail delivery only):


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